Things I am supposed to do

1. Dilator for 30 minutes daily, two 30-minute sessions if I can find the time
2. Inner thigh stretches
3. Outer thing stretches
4. Capsaicin
5. Myofascial self-release (5 minutes per spot)
6. Therawand on trigger points (5 minutes per spot)
7. Squatting regularly throughout the day to release the pelvic floor

This is actually a lot to try to fit into a day, and I am not generally successful in it. It feels really overwhelming. My work schedule is such that I’m away from home for over ten hours a day, and sometimes I want to have dinner with a friend, or a date, after work. Those are things that also keep me healthy in other ways than the specific ones I am addressing with PT and my pelvic floor, and I’m definitely not going to do my healing well without the support of the people I love, so those need to be priorities too. How do I fit this all in?

I’m on my myofascial ball right now, so at least that’s something. More time on the floor.

Things I haven’t been assigned but want to do for myself:
1. Daily yoga in the morning for 10-15 minutes
2. Daily mediatation (and this is, in one part, to change my relationship with my body and to increase my capacity for emotional self-regulation).
3. Cooking more at home.
4. Barefoot time outside in the woods to help with my alignment and body use.
5. The two alignment classes I have taken on as part of the “getting myself healthy” project.
6. Blogging, because clearly I have lots of things that I need to get out.

It’s no wonder I feel overwhelmed. I’d have to keep a pretty tight schedule to do all of these things. How do I work all of this?


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